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A new type of hot runner technology
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The ideal injection system is consistent with the formation of the density components, not all of the flow channel, flying edge, and gate outlet effects. A relatively cold flow Tao speaking, hot runner to do this, we must maintain the material in the molten state within a hot runner will not be sent with the formed parts. Hot runner process sometimes referred to as hot-set flow control systems, or as non-runner injection molding.
Basically, you can set the heat flow tube as a barrel and the extension of the injection molding machine nozzle. The role of heat flow system is the material sent to the gate of each mold. 
Hot runner system is divided into two categories.
A, thermal insulation type 
Hot runner mold are separated by a template consisting of excessive flow channel. Convection Road, without heating, but the flow channel size should be large enough, using the working conditions in the flow channel wall by the condensation of plastic to provide thermal insulation effect, with each combination of injection of heat to maintain the melt in the flow channel inside the smooth.
Among the two types of such a system earlier, simpler, the advantage of less complex design, manufacturing and low cost. The disadvantage is that sometimes the gate will be the formation of condensation; order to maintain the molten state, need to quickly work cycle; in order to achieve stability, melting temperature, take a very long time for preparation. Another major problem is difficult to obtain consistency in injection molding, or not be guaranteed. There is because the system, no heat, therefore requiring a higher injection pressure, which often result in deformation or bending chamber board.
2, heating type 
Add hot runner system has two designs. 
Nega characterized by hot runner is used internally heated circular flow channel. Heat from the flow channel within the probe and heating shuttle (also called the distributor tube) to provide. This system uses molten plastic to reduce the heat insulation effect of the transmission and other parts in the mold losses. 
In spite of the ring pipe distributor heater in the heating between the shuttle and the flow channel wall would still have the material condensation occurs. Material must be heated in an insulated wall and the flow of non-stop between the shuttle, which combined with the effects of annual flow will cause a pressure drop within the system, so the importance of balancing is critical. 
Taking into account this problem, the most appropriate heating system within a large range of processing materials and to the balance of the flow channel gate interval. This system not suitable for the use of heat-sensitive plastics.
Relative to the insulation within the heating system provides improved heat distribution, but the higher cost of the system design more complex. This system will take a very careful balance and complexity of the thermal control.
Another hot runner design is outside the heating system. This design has an internal flow path from the circular flow of heat collection tube. Set flow tube design with a variety of molds isolated from other parts of the insulation structure. This system has the advantage of better temperature control, but the cost is relatively high, device complexity. 
The latest technological development to reduce the size of the set flow control to make installation easier. Outside the heating system can also be balanced by diameter, rather than the length of a balance.
Mold-Masters Company 
The Canadian company in this industry giant. The company has recently launched one for Temp-Master TMMZ multi-zone temperature controller, a new component. This set of components of equipment used for high-pressure flow tube. This component provides superior reliability, to withstand the standard QMOD than the current model is much higher in each district 15 amps of current.
Mold-Masters company's engineers said that they noticed a large set of flow tubes often have more than the current 15 amps each district, the need for capacity control, which led to a new circuit board design. The new circuit board devices can withstand higher current loads. Components with serial bus control structure, can be from any location of the motherboard configuration. Users can connect from any configuration to a larger set of current flow tube.
Prior to the introduction of the new component to handle larger currents in each district when the options are limited. Production sites can use the main processor board an independent power switch device to control the external three-terminal bidirectional thyristor switch, so that put the high and low voltage isolated to prevent the direct interface. Do things you can add a solid state relay to increase the output current.
Temp-Master TMMZ 30A-MOD in a board design includes two options, each plate dealing with two jurisdictions.
Temp-Master TMMZ controller K 2001 exhibition was first launched, the existing three models: 24, 84 or 160 areas, each of the load capacity of 16 amps. This controller than the usual limit of 10 amps higher than 60%. 
Controller component-based architecture with advanced touch-screen technologies, including pointing and setting control module, touch and rotate three-dimensional graphics and page selectors. Remote controller can range operations and maintenance.

Husky Corporation
Canada's injection giants are now determined to cause even greater in the hot runner market momentum. Husky's continuous investment in developing the original product line to add the new product.
The new "super nozzle" series ranging in size from 0.25 inches (0.6 cm) to 1 inch (2.4 cm). These nozzles use the same top-up of fixed parts, heater and thermocouple installation, as well as the valve rod drive. Eight gate method can be used to meet the engineering grade and commercial grade resin requirements. The top of a body of a steel cage to ensure that the nozzle and the gate embedded between the reliable and solid seal. Valve gate system with the company's UntraGuide valve system design, through the use of cylindrical gate closing to ensure the quality and device life.
In the overall structure have adopted the UltraSeal leak-proof technology, with a pre-loaded in the set of the nozzle flow device on the spring, providing + / - 100 ° C the scope of work. Husky company has a range of warranty programs, including heaters, thermocouples and push-out body of all components, including a three-year leak-proof guarantee.
Husky's UntraGuide valve gate technology, designed to complement cylindrical valve gate, this gate will soon become the industry standard. In most applications, the cylindrical valve gate is seen as providing a better quality casting marks. The valve rod or the gate will soon wear holes damage the quality gates in the valve stroke cycle, the formation of coronary fly side.
Husky has introduced a single off the original hole Hot Runner series to expand the offer. Thermal Direct injection port and single-cavity valve gate can use any standard "super nozzle" gate method and shell length to configure, providing greater flexibility. And the application of cold runners compared to the use of heat or a single drop-port valve gate hot runner with improved cycle times and reduce resin consumption advantages. 
In order to address issues related to the non-uniform melting, Husky has also developed a static mixer. Color spread, acetaldehyde levels in PET mold of balance and consistency of local micro-structure in the homogeneous melt is improved. Be said to melt in the mixer before sent to the cavity within the homogeneous mixture can improve the balance of mold can be eliminated first cavity filled, producing a consistent micro-structure and mechanical properties, size and more stable components. Husky's hybrid technology currently used in jet ejector body, set flow control melt flow channel, direct injection of the entrance and machine nozzles. 
To ensure the hot runner's performance and trouble-free time to improve and maintain consistency of quality components, the company in Bolton, Ontario introduced a new hot runner renovation services. 
The service includes a series of renovations, from simple set of flow tubes clean melt flow channel to the whole re-processing. The service agencies have a full set of Husky spare parts, one for the cleaning liquid water transport and specialized renovation team. Therefore, the company said the low Husky Gao Qiang's hot runner cavity and can provide quick renovation cycle.

The Watlow St. Louis has introduced a series of innovative low-profile set of flow control nozzles and heaters, these heaters will help to shorten the heating cycle, and make more uniform temperature control. Heaters also eliminated the traditional cable and tubular heaters are considered unreliable shortcomings. 
The product series has been the company's sales and technical team as thick film nozzle heater (Thick Film Nozzle Heaters).
After two years of research and development and finished before the tests, the new thick-film heating technology are the U.S. standards body UL (Underwriters Laboratory) recognition, Watlow company began marketing for sale around the world. This patented technology allows hot runner manufacturers to be used precision calibration of the heating, to achieve the alleged accuracy. Such heaters can reach up to 500 º C temperature. 
The new heater, hot runner manifold and nozzle to eliminate the hot spots and cold spots, ensuring the consistency of injection to injection, thereby helping to conduct injection molding, and thus improved the quality of the final plastic parts. 
Thick Film Nozzle Heaters basic low profile (only 2mm) can allow closer spacing, or the nozzle closer to the center between the center distance. This makes it possible to increase the density of the nozzle, increasing the number of hot runner, thus increasing the number of each mold. 
Nozzle heater Watlow Company believes that the unique sleeve design due to more consistent contact with the nozzle, in the entire length of the temperature measurement to provide a better line. Hot runner nozzle system requirements as close as possible exit points of the top out of plastic parts to provide heating. The new thick-film allegedly nozzle design is very easy to do this.
Set flow tube heater made of stainless steel sheet, designed to directly caught in the hot runner manifold to the outer surface. This heater offers a number of advantages:
(1) The heat distributed more evenly.
(2) Since the shape of the heater in line with the set of flow tubes to make the design more flexible, easier to tie in with any shape of hot runner.
(3) easy to manufacture, does not require the traditional tubular heaters placed grooves.
(4) do not need to add hot runner usually required due to the extra steel, thus reducing the volume of material hot runner manifolds.
(5) a smaller set of flow tube heat faster, thus reducing the injection molding machine machine preparation time. 
Watlow company to use injection molding production of several product lines, including the MI section of the entire series and for injection molding machine barrel hinged ceramic heater, as well as for injection molding and distributor unit Firerod series of ring-type heater. The company also manufactures temperature sensors and electrical switchgear.
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